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Assembling Jobs at Home

From birdhouses to jewelry, assembly jobs can be done at home.From birdhouses to jewelry, assembly jobs can be done at home.

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Work-from-home jobs are coveted because they're few and far between. Legitimate at-home product assembly jobs are even more in demand because there are so many scams that offer the opportunity to work from home, but don't pay fairly. Some companies prefer to use home workers to assemble their products to save on overhead. These companies give you the chance to supplement your income while working at your own pace. You can work for one company on one project or a multitude of projects for several companies.

Crafts and Jewelry

Several companies pay home-workers to assemble products such as jewelry, craft items and holiday products. Two such companies are Creative Opportunities and New England Crafters, and The Magical Gift Company. The projects you assemble include beaded earrings and necklaces, braided bracelets and wire-wrapped rings. Other projects include holiday ornaments that are completed with scissors, glue and other common craft tools. The companies list the projects according to difficulty and experience, from easy to expert. The pay is based on the time it takes to complete one piece. A deposit is required for each project and is returned once a certain number of project units are completed. You must complete one piece and submit it for inspection. Very few pieces get accepted the first time. You have the opportunity to review the inspection notes and make any necessary corrections. Once the piece passes inspection, finish the project and submit the unit for payment.


There are two companies that supply miniature replicas to the collecting world. Tiny Details and Christian Miniatures both offer assembly work to crafters looking to earn money from home. As of 2013, Tiny Creations pays $50 to $200 per project. The crafts include making miniature books, juice cartons and calendars. Christian Miniatures hires crafters to assemble hymnals, prayer cards, church fans and other items. Both companies require a deposit for each kit. You must create one item for inspection and wait for approval before continuing. Once your piece is approved and you complete the rest of the kit, the company will send you a check for the accepted items.

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