Ford assembly line history :: Can-Pop Assembly

Ford assembly line history

On this day in history, 1914, the Ford Motor Company made a significant upgrade to its assembly-line operations by using an endless chain to pull each chassis along the line, instead of rope.

According to Ford, before this upgrade, engineers “constructed a crude system along an open space at the plant, complete with a winch and a rope stretched across the floor.”

Image Credit: Ford

140 workers were stationed on the 150-foot long assembly-line installing parts as the chassis passed.

In the same year, Ford enacted the $5 work day, helping build a new middle class and sparking “The Great Migration” of workers from the south to the industrial Midwest.

FDR Travels By Airplane

On this day in history, 1943, Franklin Roosevelt became the first president to travel by airplane for official business. Roosevelt flew in a Boeing 314 Flying Boat (called the Dixie Clipper) to a World War II strategy meeting in Casablanca with Winston Churchill.

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Ford Assembly Line! History Project by: p.z
Ford Assembly Line! History Project by: p.z

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