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What is the assembly line?

What Is an Assembly Line?

I hope so. They always slaughter us in terms of launch sales and sales in general. Ouch. Such a great phone. I hate Apple.

3. darkkjedii

For the first time since the iPhone came out, I'm wondering if it'll be good, instead of how good it'll be. Ios 8 coupled with the 6+ basically being obsolete as far as ios9 goes, has me wondering big time.

5. meanestgenius

Let's hope the next iteration of the iPhone does indeed offer these upgrades, darrk. I had actually taken the 6 plus back for the S6 Edge, only to return the S6 Edge and go back to the 6 plus. Android is nice, and the S6 Edge is an awesome piece of hardware, but its just not for me, sadly. I prefer the iOS ecosystem, the user experience, and quite frankly, I'm just not a fan of Google services.

6. darkkjedii

I'm gonna post my 6 plus on Craigslist. If the next iPhone delivers, I'll get it for sure. For now, I'm just gonna use the edge. I'm as impressed with it, as I am disappointed with my iPhone this year. I still prefer the ios eco system too. I'm just so frigging frustrated with 8

13. meanestgenius

Wow. I can dig it, though. I loved most things about the S6 Edge, but I'm just not a fan of Google services. I actually prefer "forked" Android, like what Amazon offers, as opposed to Google Android.

11. AlikMalix

You know dark, I cycle thru the "S" models and never had consistent issues or hardware problems. I know others experience problems with certain iPhones. My wife's iPhone 5 battery percentage numbers jump once in a while since iOS8... I just turned off the percentage indicator, because the battery icon is still showing correct amounts. My 5S - no issues. I was also very pleased with iPhone 3GS all thru iOS 6.x.x. The phone virtually went thru 85% of change in software and added features and it ran good up until I sold it for $100 and got a 5S in 2013. Maybe Steve Jobs persistance to build flawless experience is dying off, but my 5S is really good with iOS8.3 and appart from a few visual glitches like buttons overlap in early iOS8 version - it was great.


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