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The elders at Boerne Christian Assembly have officially and publicly announced that Doug Phillips is now excommunicated from the church he founded.


bca, doug phillips

The notice was signed by:

Jeff Horn, Elder

David Fry, Elder

In a at SSB, you may recall that BCA made a public notice that “Vision Forum’s fallen patriarchal leader, Doug Phillips, has become a member of another church without obtaining the required “letter of transfer” from the church he established and formerly led, Boerne Christian Assembly.” Doing so was strictly against the rules that Doug himself established for BCA. BCA is doing good by their word and following out the polity previously established at BCA, again, they are only enforcing the church rules Doug Phillips set in place for his congregants. In this article, it was also disclosed that Doug, his wife, Beall, and 2 of their sons had become members of a mega-church nearby and it was not an family-integrated church, but a traditional church with Sunday schools segregated by age, etc. The new church membership was remarkable in that it is an age-segregated church, a kind of church he taught was unbiblical.

Please note that this is a common behavior spiritual abusers use. We recently learned that Mark Driscoll left the church he established, Mars Hill, after he refused to abide by the restoration plan his elders had established before he could assume his position as pastor. Both Mark Driscoll and Doug Phillips somehow believe they are above their own rules and elders. This behavior shows a complete lack of humility and trust in the elders who are supposed to be caring for the soul of the pastor and hold him accountable.

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