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Rev Ben Newlife Zotoo 1“God is not in support of anarchy, sectionalism, nepotism, tribalism, striving, anger, confusion, civil unrest, fighting, conflicts, war or any forms of societal unrest to humanity”, because “a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand”.

The above words are extracts of Prayer For Peace message regarding the impending Supreme Court verdict written and signed by the Senior Pastor of Faith Chapel Assemblies of God – McCarthy Hill branch, Rev. Ben Newlife Zotoo, a copy of which The Herald had intercepted.

Rev. Zotoo’s peace message titled “Peace, Now Or Never” professed that “the Holy Book admonishes us that as much as it will depend on us, we should live in peace with all men”, adding “this admonition is more apparent in the life of Ghanaians as ever.

He said, “as a Man of God, I feel oblige to add my voice to the call of peace. The call for peace and the need to maintain it has intensified now due to the outcome of the Supreme Court verdict about the 2012 election petition”.

According to him, the Bible said that “we pray for the peace of the land because there-in lies your prosperity; and how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity”.

This is the time to appeal to all God fearing Ghanaians to accept the verdict in good faith, knowing that this is not the end of the world, and God makes all things beautiful in his own way and time.

“Wherever there is peace, there is God, but where there is no peace, God is not there! Our prayer is that God should remain in Ghana and sprinkles His blessings on our individual lives, our families across the country and on our fellow neighbours and loved ones. Striving with each other without having a second thought about God’s will bears no good fruit among us.

“There is no gainsaying that Ghana has become a beacon of hope for the Africa continent. This feat was chalked by everyone’s contribution and this made Ghana what it is today. Why can’t we sustain it”?

According to Faith Chapel Assemblies of God Pastor, “since independent, Ghanaians have tolerated all kinds of situation which averted several conflicts and unrest which could have plunged the nation in disorder but peace has kept us together for this far”.

Rev. Ben Newlife’s peace message described the 2012 general election as “has been very eventful in many regards.

“One of the remarkable things about last year’s election was the election petition currently before the Supreme Court, because out of the six elections held under the 4th Republican dispensation this is the only one which result is being challenged and at the court”, he noted.

He said, “because of the peculiar nature of this court case and the heat it generated so far, many people are sitting on edge.”

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