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Grand Prix Headlight Assembly

Pontiac Grand Prix Replacement

You recently acquired a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix from a neighbor for you and your son to restore as a summer project. You both realize that investing in a set of Pontiac Grand Prix Headlights is a no-brainer, and decide to look on eBay to see what they have to offer. Your son practically screams when he finds a sweet set of Pontiac Grand Prix Halo headlights with a glossy black halo, which will fit the car perfectly. Of course, he informs you that to make it look really cool, you just have to get a set of Grand Prix headlight covers to go with them. You actually agreed with him on that, but you both found it hard to decide just what set you should get. eBay's reliable sellers have every major line of headlight covers, from clear ones to tinted ones and just about everything in between. After much debate you both agreed on a set of glossy black Pontiac Grand Prix Headlights, and now that you look at the car you’re sure you both made the wisest choice.

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Headlights Depot Pontiac Grand Prix Headlights OE Style Replacement Headlamps Driver/Passenger...
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Headlights Depot)
  • High Quality Pair Of Replacement Auto Light Assemblies
  • Brand New In Box
  • OEM Fit and Finish
  • DOT and SAE
  • 1 Year Warranty
AutoLightsBulbs Pontiac Grand Prix Replacement Headlight Assembly - 1-Pair
Automotive Parts and Accessories (AutoLightsBulbs)
  • Street legal, SAE/DOT compliant
  • Limited 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • OE-comparable replacement
TYC TYC 20-5121-09 Pontiac Grand Prix Passenger Side Headlight Assembly
Automotive Parts and Accessories (TYC)
  • Meets or exceeds DOT/SAE standards, with particular consideration for photometric and safety compliance
  • Special coating on the lens surface prevents hazing and fading, ensuring proper illumination and operational safety
  • Rigorous and accelerated cycling tests to ensure product service quality and durability
  • OE-comparable mounting provisions ensure drop-in precise fitment
  • OE-comparable harness (no pigtail connector) for hassle-free installation
Discount Starter and Alternator Discount Starter and Alternator GM2503227 GM2502227 Pontiac Grand Prix Replacement Headlight Pair Plastic Lens With Bulbs
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Discount Starter and Alternator)
  • New Aftermarket Part (Not Rebuilt/Refurbished/Repurposed)
  • Please verify this is the right part number before ordering
AUTOANDART.COM Driver and Passenger Headlights Headlamps Replacement for Pontiac 25851404 25851403
Automotive Parts and Accessories (AUTOANDART.COM)
  • Meets all OE specifications, with DOT stamp
  • Exact replacement for stock assembly
  • New, clear lenses ensure full illumination and maximum safety
  • Lens and housing included
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

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