Hyundai Tiburon Headlight Assembly :: Can-Pop Assembly

Hyundai Tiburon Headlight Assembly

Cigarette lighter assembly

Modernizing your Hyundai with the most up to date and most popular in upgrades is certainly about the most fun things when it comes to maintaining an outstanding vehicle such as the Hyundai Tiburon. If you would like to individualize your version of Hyundai Tiburon with a few beautiful new headlights which are able to make getting behind the wheel in the dark better and less of a challenge, or simply make your Tiburon look extremely fashionable at night, CARiD have got the products and solutions to enable you to go about it. With our varied and remarkable array of Hyundai Tiburon halo headlights, Hyundai Tiburon projector headlights and Hyundai Tiburon Euro headlights you will be likely to discover just the style that you are looking for for your car here at CARiD.

All the Hyundai Tiburon headlights you'll see on our internet site are completely accepted from the best makers to make sure you end up receiving the most excellent in quality in addition to the best alternatives with regards to style. additionally made certain our Hyundai Tiburon headlights are straightforward to connect, making it convenient to get started on delighting in them at once. We promote quick supply and cheapest price ranges over the internet, ensure that you browse through our excellent Hyundai Tiburon collection and order yours right now to enjoy the best deal!

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Depo Hyundai Tiburon 06 Headlight Assembly RH USA Passenger Side
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Depo)
  • OEM comparable design to ensure the structural fitment and strength.
  • Exact replacement for factory OEM unit, no modification needed.
  • Assembly meets or exceeds DOT & SAE standards
  • Headlight assembly with bulb or headlight assembly with bulb + socket included for attached side marker/park signal lamp
  • Picture could be Left or Right for demonstration purpose only. LH=USA Driver Side / RH=USA Passenger Side / LH=RH Unit for Either Side / P=Include Both Side(LH&RH)...
Depo Depo 321-1126R-AS2 Hyundai Tiburon Passenger Side Composite Headlamp Assembly with Bulb and Socket
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Depo)
  • Exact replacement for factory assembly
  • SAE/DOT compliant
  • Precisely engineered and Vehicle Test Fitted
  • Extensive testing to ensure quality, safety and durability

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