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Volvo Headlight Assembly


My wife's 2004 Volvo V40 has a broken headlight lens. These cars have glass lenses and a stone impact had shattered it.
As of 2013, A new after market assembly is $140.00 - The Volvo part is over $250.00. I was able to find a new lens only, with gasket from

At first glance it appears you can just remove 4 bolts and take the entire headlight assemble out of the car.
Not quite. The lower part of the light is behind the bumper cover so you'll have to loosen the bumper and pull it forward.
It's not as hard as it sounds. But you will have to lift the vehicle to get at some fasteners underneath.

As always;
rule #1 is be safe. If after reading these instructions you aren't confident you can do the job, hire a pro.
rule #2 is don't break anything, no use adding to the expense of your repair.

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