SKF Hub assembly :: Can-Pop Assembly

SKF Hub assembly

The SKF Agri Hub offers a virtually maintenance-free, unitized, sealed bearing unit with vital advantages for both farmers and original equipment manufacturers. Greased and sealed for life, the SKF Agri Hub reduces grease usage and the potential for grease spillage. Due to its high stiffness, the risk for disc tilt is minimized and machine reliability is further improved.

Currently, the SKF Agri Hub is at work in two application solutions outlined below: the SKF Agri Hub for tillage discs and the SKF Agri Hub for seeding discs.

Field-testing of the SKF Agri Hub confirms that farmers can save as much as a half-hour of maintenance time per day, per machine, compared to conventional bearing arrangements that require daily re-greasing.

Testing also shows that the expected performance may be as much as 100, 000 hectares. For OEMs, the unit's simplified assembly and positive environmental benefits lead to reduced total costs, including less likelihood for warranty and service costs.

  • Cut warranty, engineering, testing and assembly costs
  • Increase product quality/reliability
  • Differentiate designs
  • Support sustainability efforts
  • Increase bearing unit service life
  • Reduce maintenance and ownership costs
  • Install or replace quickly and easily
  • Improve productivity
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SKF SKF BR930473 Front Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly
Automotive Parts and Accessories (SKF)
  • Engineered to meet or exceed OE specifications
  • Engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • Life expectancy of 100,+ miles
  • High quality steel and surface finishes
WJB WJB WA513124 - Front Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly - Cross Reference: Timken 513124 / Moog 513124 / SKF BR930097
Automotive Parts and Accessories (WJB)
  • The less expensive option for high quality replacement wheel bearing part
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Fits like OEM - fitment and function are ensured by rigorous testing, measurement, inspection of material and components; abs sensor output is automatically checked...
  • Hubs are designed to meet stringent fatigue requirements to reduce premature failed; seals material and design are optimized to perform in hard environments
  • Enjoy a smoother ride

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