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Republican National Hispanic Assembly

The California Republican National Hispanic Assembly has endorsed Neel Kashkari in California’s gubernatorial race, the Kashkari campaign announced Thursday morning.

“Electing Neel Kashkari as our state’s next governor is vital to the future of the California Republican Party and future of California, ” said Errol Valladares, chairman of the GOP Hispanic group. “2014 is a critical election year for California. A strong Republican election is good for California and benefits all Californians including the Hispanic community.”

A recent Public Policy Institute of California survey released this week shows Kashkari in third place, just five points behind Donnelly. There’s plenty of opportunity to gain ground with 27 percent of voters undecided.

Those voters can expect to see new advertisements praising Kashkari soon. This week, GOP super-donor Charles Munger, Jr. contributed $350, 000 to an independent expenditure on Kashkari’s behalf. To date, the group, Californians for Kashkari for Governor 2014, has spent $172, 000, according to campaign finance filings.



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