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Unfinished Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

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Right now our warehouse has 18 styles of kitchen cabinets in Orange County, CA that are fully factory assembled and ready to go. We have a wide selection of woods and stains that will fit your project. Most of our styles are made in the USA and are all plywood and hardwood construction with no particle board. Each of our in stock styles have 75 to 125 different size cabinets to choose from to design any kitchen layout. To complement your new cabinets are our laminate countertops, with 18 colors in stock and a selection of kitchen and bar counter tops, your new kitchen will come to life.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

We have plenty of door styles to fit the theme of your kitchen that are in stock and ready to take home today. Bring in your measurements, we have layout design available on site. We have the following cabinet style choices in stock:

  • Sedona Maple
  • Wenge
  • Crystal White
  • Unfinished Lancaster Alder
  • Williamsburg Cherry
  • Classic White
  • Mayfield Maple
  • Shaker Cherry
  • Brentwood Alder
  • Auburn Maple
  • Springfield Maple
  • Georgetown Shaker White
  • Tenino Walnut
  • Manchester White
  • Belmont Maple
  • Unfinished Shaker Pine
  • Sienna Beech
  • Honey Oak

Fifteen of the styles listed above are built with all plywood boxes and 5 styles have solid wood raised panel doors (no veneers).

Our kitchen cabinetry listed above come in a variety of wood species, including:

  • Cherry Kitchen Cabinets
  • Alder
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Pine
  • Beech
  • Thermo Foil White
  • White Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Accessories

Come in and check out our inventory of accessories we stock including:

  • Tilt out sink trays
  • Lazy Susan trays
  • Pullout organizers and shelves
  • Trashcan pullouts
  • Spice pullouts for wall or bases
  • Bread boards and knife drawers
  • Crown and light rail mouldings
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