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Mossberg trigger assembly

Mossberg 930 SPX help!

So after searching the web A LOT I found that there was no instructions on how to improve the mossberg 702 trigger... safely. So after a little experimenting here I am to bestow my knowledge.

In this instructable I will address the trigger pull creep and trigger pull force. I have reduced the the creep by about 3/4 and the force needed by about half. I unfortunately didn't measure the creep before hand but it is down to about an 1/8" which for everyone with a 702 or 715 (same gun different look) you know the trigger has a lot of slack. As for the trigger pull using a crude measure and the feel of the trigger, it is reduced by half. By my observations it cannot be reduced much more this way without compromising reliability and safety.

What you will need:

To take the gun apart:

  • A Philips head screwdiver
  • A punch

To take apart the trigger group:

  • A very small punch (like a small nail)

To make the spring:

  • a finishing nail
  • a digital caliper or micrometer
  • a 0.114" diameter nail as a arbor
  • 0.039" music wire about 6" long (the store had it listed as 0.037")

To reduce the trigger creep:

  • a flat piece of metal from about 0.026 to 0.032" thick
  • super glue

and to reassemble the trigger group:

  • a skewer approx. the size of the trigger group pins
  • and some other strong pushing instrument.

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