Remington 700 trigger guard assembly :: Can-Pop Assembly

Remington 700 trigger guard assembly

Upgrade to Custom Shop quality at potmetal pricing! Shop around, you'll fine the exact same merchandise all over the internet for nearly twice the price. How do we do it? We have gone right straight to the source to bring you these high-quality CNC machined drop-in finished and unfinished replacements for your Remington 700 BDL (also SPS, XPS, XLS, LVSS, Sendaro, etc.). Available in "M4 OEM Tactical" heavy profile, traditional profile, and the heavy duty Oberndorf configurations. Choice of steel, stainless steel and/or aluminum. Special Kit Pricing!

Weight: Aluminum 2 to 3oz. (All Models); Steel(s) 5oz. (SA/Traditional) to 7oz. (LA/Tactical & Oberndorf)

  • Traditional 700 BDL Version
    - graceful; nicely sculptured for best appearance on most hunting rifles.
    - available in black anodized aluminum or unfinished stainless steel (s/s).
  • Tactical Black Chrome Moly Steel Version
    - chunkier; triggerguard is a bit larger / thicker
    - no lateral triggerguard radius for tactical strength / appearance.
    - moly steel only, black or (soon) unfinished stainless (s/s) steel.
  • Oberndorf Model
    - big, thick, wide and heavy with a very formidable latch.
    - if I wanted a floorplate for the biggest magnums this would be it.


Black Finished or Unfinished - unfinished versions are excellent for polishing, engraving and/or painting. Brushed satin coming soon.

Remington 700 Replacement Magazine Parts

Use Your Current Rifle's Internal Magazine Parts
or Order The Kit! Hinged Floorplate Assembly, Magazine (box), Spring, Follower, aluminum pillars (you cut to length) and new takedown screws. To order the kit just enter the cartridge your rifle is chambered for (.308 Win, 7mm Rem Magnum.22-250 Rem, etc.) where indicated in the text field below. The shopping cart will automatically include the kit upgrade (priced below) in your cart.

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