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SKS trigger assembly

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My goal is to improve the safety of as many of the SKS carbines out there as possible for my shooting friends, increase their enjoyment of the rifle, and improve the militia's marksmanship! It is my opinion that the SKS is much more accurate than generally credited, and that trigger function, bedding/stock fitment, and proper use of a sling ( USGI web sling adapted for loop) are the three most important things a serious rifleman can do to improve the "shootablility" of Simonov's weapon. Besides practice, these items are excellent investments in assisting the true rifleman in delivering accurate, consistent fire down range.

SKS trigger groups have an excellent design thanks to Mr. Simonov. The problem lies with their hasty assembly which precludes extracting the potential from the design. This becomes even more important when you realize that the "safety" merely blocks the trigger lever and does not secure either the hammer or the sear. Their safety and performance can be greatly improved with reduced pull, reduced creep, smoothness, repeatability, and clear 2 stage operation.

With the breech clear, cycle the bolt to cock the hammer, remove the rear cover, remove the recoil spring, and squeeze the trigger to observe the hammer's movement PRIOR to let off as the hammer slides on the surface of the sear:

1) if the hammer moves forward, then the hammer/sear is said
to have negative engagement.

2) if the hammer remains motionless, then the hammer/sear is said
to have neutral engagement.

3) if the hammer moves rearward, then the hammer/sear is said
to have positive engagement.

"Positive engagement" is the preferred and safer condition. This is because the hammer will tend to want to remain on its full cock notch until overcome by the sear. This becomes more imperative if the creep has been minimized correctly as the hammer's travel distance over the sear to let off, is markedly less.

Neutral and negative conditions are less safe than the positive condition but to say that neutral and negative conditions are dangerously unsafe is an overstatement IF THEY HAVE SUBSTANTIAL CREEP as a safety cushion.

On the other hand, a neutral or negative condition is dangerous if the creep has been reduced or the standard configuration has minimal creep. Prudence dictates seeking the positive condition if at all possible and if there is any doubt have a competent gunsmith inspect the rifle.

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